Bio-Oxidative Therapy

Currently at Preventative Medicine @ Bend we offer two Ozone therapies.

  1. MAH: MAJOR AUTO- HEMOTHERAPY This procedure involves introducing ozone into your blood by removing blood via an IV catheter in a vein connected to a sterile bag of saline containing approximately 250 cc. of sterile saline. This is a closed sterile system. Ozone is then introduced into the blood/saline mix, and then under gravity is infused back into the patient.  This prodecure takes approximately 45 minutes.  The effect last approximately 72 hours. This procedure is indicated in: infections, eg, Lyme, herpes,  fungal, viral and bacterial, and inflammation (eg. MS) This therapy is often done with UV light.  UV therapy has a 100 year history. In the early 1900 ’s a Danish physician won the NOBEL PRIZE for using UV light to treat infection.It improves the functions of our blood in pour bodies; oxygen carrying capacity, cell count, normalizing clotting, decreasing viscosity, increasing blood volume.  It inhibits Bacteria, viruses and decreases the inflammatory process.Ozone + UV may be very effective in treating infections, cancer, diabetes and circulatory disorders.
  2. HYPERBARIC BIO-OXIDATIVE THERAPY (HOT OZONE, or TEN PASS)  This is OZONE treatment under pressure. Ozone attaches to the Red Blood Cells and plasma. Current studies are underway in Europe attempting to prove the ozone instigates or stimulates the bodies to produce its own stem cells. The treatment takes approximately an hour. The effects of Hyperbaric ozone lasts approximately 7 days after treatment. There are currently less than 2 dozen physicians in the US offering this procedure. Other ozone therapies include: Sinus injections, prolozone ( ozone injected into soft tissues and/or joints) rectal, bladder, and vaginal ozone. Limb bagging is done more specifically to treat wound infections of limbs often seen in diabetes and/or MERSA.