This is an interesting time to say the least in the health and wellness of US citizens and people around the world. As the information is coming in across the world, you may have many questions and concerns for yourself, and your family and loved ones. From a preventative medicine point of view, there are really some very basic steps to follow as we as citizens OF THE WORLD work together to support each other in preventing ourselves from getting and or spreading this infection. Also, if we have it, or have had it, I feel it is still our individual responsibility to protect the weak and vulnerable.

Governments have placed restrictions of all kinds in many communities, and will continue to do so. We may face a domestic travel ban sooner than later.

This blog is about what we can do for ourselves and our families to maximize our health, and minimize our exposure now.

  1. Follow the SOCIAL DISTANCING guidelines.
  2. HYGIENE: Wash hands often and frequently and avoid touching mucous membranes; eyes, mouth, lips.
  3. If you have children wash their faces regularly with a clean soapy facecloth. Rinse the soap off fully.
  4. Support the IMMUNE system:
  5. STAY HYDRATED with Water
  6. AVOID SUGAR, Including alccohol, soda, etc.
  7. STOP SMOKING, and VAPING. These activities not only decrease the overall health of your body, they decrease specifically the immunity of the respiratory system
  8. Continue to EXERCISE in a healthy environment. Ride on a stationary bike at home, walk in your neighborhood. Use in home exercise equipment eg. treadmills,elliptial machines,, weights.
  9. MEDITATE, yoga, breathing exercises.
  10. SUPPLEMENTS: Vitamin C, Vitamin D3. I am a huge fan of echinacea, and elderberry .
  11. Eat a DIET high in fresh fruits and fresh, steamed, or roasted vegetables, organic whole grains, eggs, organic free range chicken, grass fed and finished meats, fish.
  12. Get quality SLEEP. Recommended minimum of 7 hours for adults. More for cildren and adolescents.
  13. I also recommend getting OUTSIDE daily. Here in Bend it is snowing, and the ski resort is closed. However, playing in the snow, walking in the neighborhhod is still very doable. If you live in a warmer climate, go for a walk, or bike ride daily.
  14. For those of you who are CLINIC patients, IV Ozone treatments are available preventatively. Please call to schedule an apointment.
  15. Show flexibility freely and willingly with a WARM HEART to each other as we navigate through these next everchanging days.

Like many of you, we too are greatly disappointed that as a family we have had to change our spring break travel plans. However, it is more important that strong restrictive steps are taken now at this point in time of this pandemic in the US and the World.