Hot Ozone Therapy

From pacemakers to artificial hearts and limbs to stem cells, America has found its rank in the world health league for being an innovator of medical technology. Unfortunately, the cost of these medical therapies prohibit those who would benefit most from obtaining them thus contributing to one of the several reasons our country- USA, ranks 38th in world healthcare. But what would you say to the idea of steering away from conventional medical thinking and open your eyes and minds to therapies that are considered “alternative” or “outside the box”? You know, medical modalities that offer a cure for an underlying condition rather than a Band-Aid to mask the symptoms of disease?

Specifically, I am referring to the use of oxygen to enhance the treatment and cure of nearly every medical condition known to man. Ozone is a form of Bio-Oxidative Therapy which simply means that we are introducing oxygen into the body. Of the various vehicles used to expose the body to ozone, the topical, rectal and intravenous routes are the most commonly prescribed.


Hot Ozone can deliver a nuclear warhead to the ailing body ridding it of nearly every toxin, inflammatory invader, autoimmune disorder or chronic condition the body may develop and do so safely at a concentration of ozone that is more than 10 times what was previously recognized as safe.  It has miraculous healing effects for ailments ranging from allergies, arthritis, cancer, Lyme disease and everything in between.


Are interested in investing in your health and obtaining this therapy whether it be for enhancing a weakened immune system, improving overall energy, treating an established acute or chronic medical condition or just as a prophylactic therapy to ensure health, longevity and quality of life?