Supplemental Side Effects

Over the counter medications many of you self-prescribe have side effects. The following information is provided for you as you review the medications you are taking, and perhaps think twice about downing those little pills. May this information help and encourage you to consider healthier options.

1. Tums, Rolaids, Maalox, Mylanta
Secondary to depletion of:
Calcium: Bone loss, muscle cramps, skin disorders
Magnesium: weak muscles, depression, increase blood pressure
Potassium: Heart irregularities, muscle twitches
Zinc: lowered immune function

2. Alka-Seltzer, baking soda
Secondary to depletion of::
Folic Acid: Fatigue, anemia, weakness, low energy
Magnesium: Weakens muscles, depression, high blood pressure
Potassium: Heart irregularities, muscle twitches

3. Aspirin
Depletion of: Vitamin C, Folic acid, Iron, Potassium

4. NSAIDS (Non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs)
Depletion of Folic acid

5. Theophylline (Antiasthmatics)
Depletion of Vitamin B6
Secondary to depletion: fatigue, increased PMS symptoms, allergies, increased homocysteine

6. Antibiotics (general)
Depletion of normal gut flora, vitamins B, C, K
Resulting in a lowered immune system, fatigue, anemia, impaired blood clotting
Cipro: decreased calcium absorption,
Tetracycline’s: binds with calcium and magnesium, depletes zinc, B6, B12
Septra: decreases folic acid

7. Corticosteroids
Depletion of Calcium, Vitamin D, K selenium, zinc.
Secondary to depletion osteopenia, osteoporosis, increase fracture risk

8. Tricyclic Antidepressants & Major tranquilizers
Depletion of CoQ10, B2
Secondary to depletion: cell damage due to free radicals, yeast infections, impaired antibody production, tired eyes, cataracts

9. Antidiabetics: sulfonylureas
Depletion: CoQ10, B12
Secondary to depletion: cell damage due to free radicals, fatigue, yeast infections, neuropathy, infertility, improper digestion and metabolism of food

10. Antiretrovirals
Depletion of copper and zinc
Secondary to depletion: fatigue, impaired healing, bone loss, lowered immunity

11. Cardiovascular Medications: e.g.: beta blockers(propranolol)
Depletion of COQ10, B2 , B12
Secondary to depletion: fatigue, increase in the following symptoms: asthma, allergies, respiratory disorders, periodontal disease, cardiac dysfunction, anemia, neuropathy, infertility, improper digestion and metabolism of food, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain
Depletion of calcium, magnesium
Secondary to depletion: osteoporosis, cardiac arrhythmias, muscle cramps, arthralgia, tooth decay, sleep disturbance. Hypertension, muscle weakness, depression

12. Thiazide Diuretics
Depletion of magnesium, potassium, zinc, sodium, increase in serum lipids
Secondary to depletion: muscle weakness, muscle twitching, hypertension, depression, cardiac arrhythmias, slow wound healing, impaired sense of smell and taste, vital fluid imbalances

Loop diuretics: Lasix, Bumex
Depletion of B1, magnesium, B6, Potassium, zinc
Secondary to depletion: inhibits production of HCL (digestive disorders), interferes with starch metabolism, learning disabilities

Potassium sparing Diuretics
Depletion of Folic acid, CoQ10, calcium
Secondary to depletion: fatigue, anemia, birth defects, depression, anxiety, cervical dysplasia, heart disease, cell damage due to free radicals, bone loss

13. Estrogen replacement
Depletion of B6, magnesium
Secondary to depletion: fatigue, water retention, irritability, increase in PMS symptoms, sleep disturbance, allergies, arthritis, asthma, compromised immune system, depression, weak muscles, and nerves, twitching, dizziness, hypertension, heart disease, cardiac arrhymias
Oral Birth control pills
Depletion of B2, B6, B12, Vitamin C

14. Laxatives
Depletion of Potassium
Secondary to depletion: heart irregularities, muscle twitches

15. Ulcer Medications
H2 Receptors antagonists
Depletion of Vitamin B12, Folic acid, Calcium Vitamin D, Zinc, Iron
Secondary to depletion: Anemia, fatigue, low energy
Proton Pump Inhibitors
Depletion of Vitamin B12, no H production, so no HCL

As any of you have experienced, the Basic Nutrient vitamin/mineral available here is the foundation of a healthy supplement program. We invite you to set up your annual supplement and/or medication review, check-up, acupuncture treatment and /or annual breast and pap exam. We evaluate each patient individually, with respect to each symptom and risk factor and prescribe accordingly. Thank you for your continued support, referral of family and friends and look forward to serving your health care needs.