In This Together

It sure had been a tumultuous last couple of years. First and foremost, I would like to thank each of you in supporting my business. I appreciate the patience you all showed as I ventured on alone. I am excited to announce that I have an assistant starting at the beginning of the new year. Most of us have found a rhythm again in our lives with our families, friends, and jobs. Travel is back as well as socializing and entertainment. The research will continue as to what countries (states) with what, and if any restrictions were and were not successful in achieving specific goals for their citizens. I am happy that the last restriction was lifted for travel to Canada as most of our family lives there.

A researcher found that the pandemic for people either slowed down time or sped it up. At first, I felt that time slowed as we were quarantined. People were out and about in the neighborhood with their dogs and kids. Pickle ball appeared on driveways. There were social distancing group gatherings in the park. Looking back, though it feels overall time went fast.

I would like to share some of my observations from the last two years.

1. For a lot of people the vaccines (1,2, with, or without boosters) did not appear to prevent them from getting Covid 19 or any of the variants.

2. There is controversy whether or not those who got vaccinated had less severe symptoms when they got an infection.

3. In my practice those patients who had lingering Covid symptoms and received MAH (ozone and light IV) recovers quickly.

4. In my practice patients who received regular MAH treatments had less infections overall.

5. In my practice patients who were diligent in maximizing their health and immune systems had less infections and recovered quicker.

6. I wrote medical exemptions for patients who were at risk with the vaccine.

Live is not merely living, but living in health, and I feel wellness, health optimization and prevention are key. Our lifestyle includes diet and nutrition, supplements, medications, jobs, exercise, meditation, prayer, relationships, friendships, relaxation and sleep are vitally important.

At the end of February 2020, I got Covid 19. Unfortunately, there were no tests available at the time to confirm the. During the last two and a half years I have had monthly MAH IV treatments. My exposure to any and all of the variants was continual. I feel that without a doubt, looking back, and with the experiences I have had with other patients who also did the MAH IV for Covid 19 and any variant related symptoms, l lost no clinic days because I did the IV treatment.

Now, we physicians and patients need to be aware and on the lookout for long Covid symptoms. Symptoms may be fatigue,

gastrointestinal, heart (Postural tachycardia) respiratory (eg. going cough), dermatological (skin rash), pain (joint, muscle, neurological) just to name a few.

If you have any questions regarding long covid symptoms and or the MAH IV treatment, and/or would like to schedule an MAH IV treatment please contact me.

The election results are not in yet as I write this letter. Practicing medicine has become more difficult in our community. Many of the doctors I have worked with over the years have left and are leaving. Please be patient as new referral patterns with specialists are established. I remain dedicated and committed on providing the best healthcare to each one of you. I am continually humbled by our many conversations and the personal experiences you share. As my practice is referral based, thank you for your continued support by your referrals of family and friends.

During this season of thanksgiving and reflections I am grateful for you all and I felt your understanding and support. A patient of mine makes jewelry and gifted me a necklace she called” in this together”. Yes, it is so true, we truly were in it together. May your holiday season be filled with Love, Joy, and Peace.

Warmest regards, Dr. Brust