These words describe an inflammatory condition of the “bursae” and tendons of the body. The bursae are padded sacs that produce lubricating fluid and cover the joint areas. Tendons are the connections between muscle and bone and are surrounded by a sheath that protects and guides the tendon.

Lubricating fluid is also present in the tendon sheath. If these tendons and bursae are not properly lubricated, they may tend to become inflamed or hot. This would be somewhat like two moving mechanical parts that do not have sufficient lubrication and become hot and sometimes “freeze up.” In the body, this could be a frozen shoulder or other joints which lose some or all of their full range of motion.

Annually there are more than seven million people suffering from tendonitis/bursitis. Often over- the-counter or prescription drugs are used to reduce the inflammation and decrease the pain temporarily. The use of natural anti-inflammatory medicine, acupuncture, and physiotherapy modalities can be extremely helpful in decreasing the pain, and restoring normal ranges of motion in the joint.

Often these methods are used at the same time to reduce healing time. Prevention may include specific exercises, protein supplementation, glucosamine sulphate, chondroitin sulphate, calcium/magnesium, MSM, and other vitamin and mineral supplements.

If you know someone suffering with either bursitis or tendonitis, please offer them help by suggesting they call for an appointment.