Flu Update

Prevention of getting the flu should be our focus and here is a review of some basic prevention measurements we should take as the flu season approaches:

1. Wash hands often.
2. Cover mouths when sneezing, and or coughing. Consider face masks.
3. Do not attend work if you are unwell. Please get examined if you have questions about your illness. And, if in positions of authority, send unwell workers home and/or to the doctor’s office.
4. Take the immune supporting medications to hasten your recovery and minimize symptoms prescribed by a physician. Do not self diagnose and treat.
5. At a minimum, take a daily multi-vitamin/mineral (and all other supplements prescribed from this office).
6. Exercise regularly. (Wash hands often at the gym!) The old saying “if it is above your neck, it is okay to exercise.” Not necessarily.
7. Stay hydrated with water. The winter months are dryer.
8. Eat a diet high in fruits and veggies, fiber, whole grains, nuts and seeds, and quality proteins.
9. Take prescription medications as prescribed.

For those of you spending time in and out of airports, here are some additional recommendations:

1. Take 2 droppers full (60 drops) of the BIOSTIM tincture 3 times on the day before, the day of, and the day after your flights, both on arrival and the return portion of your trip. If you have symptoms, take the tincture up to 4 times/day for up to 10 days. (BIOSTIM is available here at the office.)
2. Travel with a TAMIFLU rx and/or Fluease tincture (available here at the office).
3. Also wash/clean hands frequently. Carry hand wipes.
4. Ask to be relocated if someone sitting close to you is coughing and/or has obvious signs of illness.
Finally, if you or someone you know has the flu, encourage them to be under the supervision of a physician. We have available natural medications that may make the person much more comfortable by minimizing their discomfort and maximizing healing and recovery.